Monday, 14 September 2009


I woke up a few minutes earlier this morning and I thought the toilets would be empty, but proven that I was wrong. I still need to wait for..quite some time. Grr...and made me almost late for class this morning ==

Last night I used my new lotion pack already =3

with new look xD

This morning after our first period, there were no lecturers already... I was so bored..

And yeah...we received our student card already..on Friday...
*picture removed xD*

Camwhored again~

Hmmmn~ boring.. Nothing much to do.. And too free.. And I missed spending my weekend with Anime xD
Whee~ I cant wait to go home >w<
Owh wait!!!
Last night, when I was enjoying watching Air Gear, suddenly mom sms-ed me. She said... "Next week come back by bus" bus? Why dont momma wanna come and fetch me home~~~~? >A<
Roommate Su Fan would be going back on Saturday.. But...her boyfriend will be fetching her all his way from Penang, back to her hometown in Kuantan..Huhuhu~~~

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