Monday, 14 September 2009

Raya is coming soon~

We had choir practice at 8pm, but it was not carried out. Well..because Aqmal, our monitor did not turn up. But we did not went back to our respective room because we were discussing about lecturers and stuffs like that. So in the end, we went back at 9.10pm. Ting and I exchanged laptop for personal reason xD and she came to my room to do her assignments. Luckily I finished mine earlier >3

So..what's for tomorrow?
I have donutz for breakfast tomorrow ^^ hehe... Talking about food, I'm sad because it's going to Raya already. And because of that, I cant eat kuih muih anymore >A< I wanna go back to Teluk Intan and taste those kuih.. T^T haizz......

Well.... I miss momma's dishes too T^T
ps: Right now... I've got this feeling that.. I will grow fat during the holidays.. owh shytt ><

Okay, let me list out. Things that I missed most when I'm away:
1. Mom's cookeries
2. My bed
3. My teddies
4. My bedroom
5. ...Everything in my house

And mentioned the word "everything", Ting said that the way I pronounced it sounded funny, she doesnt know how to explain but that's a fact, according to her-la...haha. Idk~

Sigh... and I promised myself several things...:
1. Jangan merajuk (xD)
2. Be a mature person (though people says "be yourself")
3. Think for everyone before think for myself (in other words=dont be selfish?)
4. Be strong and dont get carried away

Nyaa....and also, before I forget... TS lecturer, Miss Norhayati said that I'm always dizzy/have head ache.. She said maybe I should consult a doctor.... But I think I will do it when I got back home.... Haizz......
And noticed that the skin layer ripped off already...i guess it was due to...washing clothes? @@ Sometimes I worry if my palms became too rough already T^T

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