Saturday, 12 September 2009

Class and Hostel Tales

First camwhore of the day

And good morning~ I woke up at 10am, but I was lazy to get up xP And rolled over the bed until 11am like that and then forced myself to get up >< by listening to my current favourite song, Chain X3 As soon as the song had finished, I heard foot steps.. I knew and I was right. Ting came to my room. She called me to wash clothes (?), then I was still in blur mode..I said "Huh.........? Now................?". She nodded and said YES. Then..well, okay, got myself ready and went to wash clothes.

So hungry at that time xP And was still sleepy X3 While waiting for the machine settle our clothes, Ting read novel and I camwhored (as usual xP)




Roommate Su Fan told me that this block (Block L; yes, we washed our clothes at block L) is "dirty" with "those" things. Well....... dont know if it's okay or not to camwhore there.... >_>"

Then went in to see the machine and looked around...
xD And found bubbles~

So....after the laundry....straight away went online xDD So lucky that the line was kind to me~ I did everything that I wanted to do xD Felt so good, because it was so rare to get line connection during weekend X3

And..I was so lazy to do my assignments >A< Well, I need to get whatever information printed out for Social Studies subject =.= That Shamsul Grandpa...lolz.... Every week he would say that he wanted to check our files, but in the end, he never did =3=

But I did search for those information... And for L.Dev, we needed to create our own limerick. Limerick is..part of poetry family, and related to poem too. So....I did not have any inspiration to do.. So, I was planning to do tomorrow...

And whole afternoon was so bored. I had nothing to do at all after I had did things that I wanted to do... Lurked around....and went out for dinner..

Hoped that the line was still okay and conencted. And luckily, yes, it was kind to me xD Hope tomorrow can too~

I think that's all for today = /
Have nothing to write already...

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