Saturday, 12 September 2009

Where Got Ghost

It's a Friday. Friday marked the end of a week; Father and mother brought their children out to play and.. *long pause*. No idea of what to write already xP

There was no assembly this morning. The malays were all in surau, and the non-Muslims were in Seri Melati Hall. I did not know about that. So..after I put my bag at Block L, I rushed to assembly square to..attend the assembly >_>" Only then I noticed that there was not assembly this morning. So I walked back to my class slowly, taking my own sweet time. Then I reached class, there was no one too, only bags. And I did not think that anyone would be coming, since it was already almost 8am. Then..I went back to my room to online and have breakfast. I was so eager to watch Anime xD I had a big Pandan Pau as my breakfast, was given by my "Angel" in a game organized by the "Chinese Clan". My Angel gave me on Wednesday night xD

The Pandan Pau and the letter

And last time , she gave my a packet of biscuits and also a sachet of tea. I have not drank the tea yet xP

At 8.30am, I took my laptop to class at Block L and surfed there, since the server at there is way better than in room. Well then...nothing much >3 Everyone came back at past 10am. And there was no lecturer until 11.40am. Ouch...have to off ><

After class, Ting and I rushed ourselves to bath because...we're going out~ xD We wanted to watch movie as to reward ourselves after the freaking *insert a word here* courseworks. When I was almost done, Ting suddenly came to my room and said..her roommate locked the door. So..she has no clothes to wear. I lend her mine. And the bills for today would be mine too >3 (of course she has to pay me back-la xDD). We dropped ourselves at Tesco first, to withdraw my cash; RM200. Then we walked to Jusco. We headed to cinema first to buy tickets. Then we went to buy can drinks and then Mc'D to buy Mc Chicken burger xD our lunch. We ate there and then we hurried ourselves to cinema again because the show was about to start >< Luckily we made it on time. We bought tickets for "Where Got Ghost" movie.

I chose the movie because I thought it would be a comedy genre one.. Yes, kinda funny too. But.....IT WAS KINDA HORROR TOO! Ting held my hand:wrist very tightly and almost my hand was almost numb >__< It was not scary at first, but in the middle, yes. Omg..... >< All right. It was my fault to choose that movie. And I totally forgot that this month is the "Ghostly Month" in chinese lunar calendar. Gawd, demmit. I was so scared and screamt for my life xD My eyes were with tears. Almost cried for the fear I had that time.
Watch the movie if interested; dont wanna recall anything back.. ><

After the movie, Ting and I headed to Secret Recipe xD and this was the so-called "Reward Ourselves Gifts" xD

Taken while waiting for our cakey~

Ting's slice

And my slice

No time to eat because busy camwhoring xDD

Cakey inside my mouth xD

Afer that, we went for walk. We actually met my roommate there too in McD earlier. And we decided to go back together. Then we bumped her and her coursemate and...did our own things....? xD
Ting and I bought sushi =w= I bought more than her >w< Then...walked until like 6.40pm like that then we phoned a taxi uncle and went back to campus..
Hmm..kind of like..they spoke in good mandarin language and I tried to speak too. They were joking and I joined in >_>"
Then...reached my room (my roommate went to her coursemate's room), Ting and I "broke fast" and ate our sushi TwT we chatted, and Ting told me something...

Ting said..., I am not good in making Mandarin jokes, and just now I joked wrong thing *Ouch.. ><*
Thinking back, maybe I should not speak in mandarin at all, for the rest of my life >< *cries~~~~*

Until 9.45pm, Ting's roommate was not back yet, and Ting was repeating her words-"I wanna sleep; I wanna bath; I'm so tired". Aww man...*she slept on my bed OAO*. Then..there was no internet conenction. So..went to bed early.... But I could not sleep.

Because I kept on thinking of those ghosts in the movie (ps:laugh if you want). I was so scared and kept on widen my eyes, see if there's anything on the ceiling >_>" And when I lied on my bed, I was afraid to turn to another side because...scared if there's something beside me ><

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