Thursday, 10 September 2009


First and foremost, I would like to take this chance to apologize some people..

1.. Monitor Aqmal
Sorry ya..that day too emotional and in the end turned out I didnt help anything in the preparation for presentation.. Sorry bebanyak ya

2. All J8 trainees
Hey kengkawan, sorry sesangat. Too stressful until my behavior totally changed.. Especially Jannah.. sorry for being rude to you..., and also Ting..., ask me question only but i ignore you and call you not to talk to me >< Everyone, I'm really sorry!

3. Myself
Baka Vivian.... feel so sorry for myself! What for let emotions affect me due to those cilaka coursework? And what for cry so much/ Waste water only (lol..). Sooo childish and immature! Like that also mau nangis ka? go die la vivian (>_>") For the last time, please stop crying for such reason!! Or else, really GO DIE LA PLEASE VIVIAN!!! *take out gun and shoot myself*

Done... Today, we had a lot of free time in class, and we took our laptop and enjoy ourselves there. So I wanted to watch Anime, I was so desperate to watch xD it had been few days since I last watched one T^T But it loaded too slow ToT sobbu.... *sigh* And I promised myself, during raya break, I must watch ANIME!!! And of course buy a broadband device for myself! It is a MUST!

Well..., in the afternoon, luckily the Internet connection was quite okay.. At least I could update blog xP And yea, one thing to share with you people..;


*went and touch it D8<*
Ah.....chiehh!!!!! It was printed on A4 paper actually!!! xD I thought it was real xDD Fooled myself xD Anyhow, today I felt so relaxing xD No more stress... >3 So happy now~

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