Monday, August 10, 2009


Ting and I went out to Ipoh Parade today. Seemed like I still had flu. I did not care about it. So we went to IP by public transport.

I had a lil' headache when we reached there. Maybe because of the stuffy condition inside the bus. I could not even nod my head to answer any of Ting's curiousity. We went for a walk first and then went to Food Court for lunch. Then we headed to GSC to see what's on today. And we decided to watch On His Majesty..*what...? I forgot....*. We bought the ticket and then went to shops for some window shopping. We were looking for a jacket for myself beacause I was in cold and keep on sneezing, and my voice changed too. Then I had fever already. How bad was that T^T But in the end we did not buy any jacket xD

After the movie we went to buy our things. We went to Popular bookshop too, I bought a new hole puncher. My previous one spoilt T^T I saw a Sherlock Holme's novel D; I wanted to buy it so badly but if I buy, I could not survive for my next 2 weeks TwT *cries* So I promised myself to buy it as soon as I've got my allowence or enough money.

After we had done with our shopping we went back to campus. I showered and then went online but line was busy (*toot* I cant do my assignment?!*. Ting then came and gave me flu medicine. After I ate it, I stayed awake for a little while more doing things. And then finally I could not take it anymore, I went to bed..

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