Monday, August 10, 2009

Gotong Royong~

We had gotong royong this morning. The purpose was to ensure healthy environment as to prevent H1N1. We gathered at bus garrage at 9am and got ourselves arranged according to our dorm. There I saw Arief and Izzat, and they started to tease me, like they always did all the time. Soon after that, we started our job.

I signed myself under mural job xD It had been some time since I last did mural paint. I was so exciting until the dorm head said that we would not be doing mural today. So I was like "cilaka.....". And she said those who wanted to do mural paint would be divided to other jobs like wash drain, clean spider webs, etce tera.. And I was like complaining..haha

I was put under sweeping Level3 floor. And then I said "mommy neber called me to sweep floor at home" xD (pretending to be "princess" xD). Well..after I finished my job, there was still time so I went back to my room and surfed for some information regarding Emotional Intelligence.

After the gotong royong, I continued to surf until 3pm something. My biggest mistake was closing all the web page. As it was a Saturday, many people would be using line and doing own things. So... I could not go online anymore. Then I did my assignments.. And same thing at night, I did assignments only, not going online.

Until I noticed I had flu =w= *sigh*

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