Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Whee~ No lecturers today xD
but Ting, the secretary wanted a replacement for any class. So she asked me to phone Mr. Murugiah, to replace Maths lessons.. He never enter our class before lol... Then I phoned Pn. Umaimah aka the stepmother, and so she came in for Language Description Class.

And then, we had our break after the class. And then we were free till 12.30pm, because we will be having SS class with Mr.Shamsul. Omg... == Oh, now I remembered something...

Izzat and Arief were finishing yesterday's assignments this morning, and it happened that they asked Ting and I what to write for the beliefs. So..I kept quiet, and Ting suggested some points. Then we talked about some stuffs-lah, and Izzat said something..

Izz: If there's a moth flies and enter our house means?
Arief: Means there would be guests coming soon
Ting: Oh......
Vi: *nod*
Izz: Then what if when a moth flies in, a cat crosses the road...
Arief: What does it symbolizes?
Vi: What ah?
Ting: Means what? Means what?

We were so eager to know what it actually meant, and our surroundings were like kinda creepy too, because it rained this morning. Then Izzat told us the answer..

If a cat walks or passes across the street, it means....


Bwahahahaha xDD
We were so serious, and this was only a joke XD
And afternoon, we had another replace class for SS again, it was from 2.30pm till 4.30pm. I was knda sleepy tho..
We presented our assignments. Right now, I really wanna show pictures of our presentation.. T^T

It seemed like the presentation of Ting and I were the best xD *cough* We took risks because we wrote it in midnight and it was raining when we present. And we wrote a lot on the Funerals. And overall, we focused on evil spirit and dirty souls >_>" The hairs on my skin really got straight when I spoke. And I felt so cold >A<

Well....what else fer today? There will be a mass lecture tonight at Dewan Seri Melati, from 8pm to 10pm.
Saa, today found an IPGM friend >3 is Keiichi desu..haha, irrasshai~

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Keiichi Niwa said...

Irrasshaimase, Hikiko-chan ^w^