Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Visit to Ipoh Pasar Malam~

This morning Mr. Shamsul entered our class as to replace his previous lessons. It was kinda sudden lol.. And discussed on cultures again. It was a hypnosis =w= I really wanted to sleep-I kept on yawning and yawning and yawning and yawning and yawning and yawning.
He gave us an assignment, to find out our own culture (Chinese), symbols, logos, beliefs, superstittions, whatever bloodiful things....

After our class this day, Ting and I started by pasting logos and symbols we found, on a piece of mahjong paper given this morning when there was no lecturer. Then, we figured out those Chinese beliefs and superstittions during chinese new year celebration. The most common one was cannot sweep the floor because it symbolizes that we sweep away our luck. Then she gave quite a lot of points too. And I remained listening to her bacause I..."almost-dont-know-anything".

After thinking for another one hour, we gave up and napped for a while. Then we went to play table tennis again, with Ahmad senpai. But everything was occupied at sports area. So we could only jog. Ting did, but I only walked. After that, bumped to Jian An senpai too..lolx... At least this time he did not give me his "shock" expression when he saw me.. XD

Then at 7pm, Ting and I went out to pasar malam. But then we headed to Kinta City. We had Mc'D as dinner =w= then we hunted for clothes XD But not many were attractive =S we walked for so long and then until we went in to Padini shop. The designs were quite nice so we tried a few clothes. Then we saw this "1 for RM29. Buy 2 for RM39" sign at the center of the shop. Then we hurried ourselves there >3


And in the end we bought ourselves one each for RM39. *Felt satisfied*, *evil laugh*

Then we went in to Popular bookstore. Ting bought Chinese novels. I bought
After that we went to lurk at pasar malam a while =w= And finally went back to campus. And rushed our assignments ><

We decided to talk only on Funeral topics. There were so many thing we mentioned. And I felt goosebumps so many times T^T it was so cold, I didnt even dare to look behind me >< And I was the one who wrote it, so...I ws kinda like the "victim" if anything happens.. Then, we still left some space on the mahjong paper. So we wrote on 7th Month and After World thingy..

Hmmm.....I was wondering how would it be during 7th month here.... =(

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