Wednesday, 5 August 2009

First Table Tennis

This morning we had Social Studies class with Mr. Shamsul Abdullah. It was really boring, seriously.. And last week, he wanted us to look for some information on cultures. I did not find it, and he called me to present my notes. I was like "shytt......", then I said I left my notes in my room, then he called me go get it. So I went. Doomed... And I left my phone in my class too, if not I could sms Chiew Ting to borrow her notes; calling her to leave it on my desk.

So, when I headed back to my class, I brought my file along. So said "my notes are in this file". But I was damn lucky, Mr.Shamsul moved on to other coursemates and forgotten about me. Ahahahahaha XDD
But I will do my assignments next time T^T

Then the rest of the day we were so free already. Chiew Ting and I went and did laundry together then we watched movie in her room. The title was.. *forgotten*. It was a bit 18sx genre lol..
ps: I am sooooo innnocent

ps: If you believe the above statement, you are fooled by me a bit

And after the movie we went to jog. And bumped up to a TESL senior. He's Ahmad senpai.
During TESL night last week, I was his junior.
So..we chatted and then went and play table tennis. But I never played before but I tried. Senior Ahmad said it's tennis too, but on a table. Lol... I kinda had fun XD Every time when I hit the ball, I naturally gave sound effect like "Hiakk!"," Myon!!", "Nyon!", "Yahh!!!!" and etce tera XD
And I laughed a lot too XD Omg..
After table tennis I watched Ting swinging herself on a rope. Somehow like Tarzan kind, swing from a side to another side.

After sports, Ting and I went to cafeteria to have our dinner. But we waited so long and then decided to pack our foods back to our room and eat.
Then after that....what ah? Oh.....
I tried to go online, but...bad bad line..... So I went to bed early. Eventually, I was kinda awaken by an sms from anonymous. Then I deleted it and slept.

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Keiichi Niwa said...

Haha.... I seldom complete my assignment... LOL XD

But, it's lucky that your lecturer is easily forgetful... XD