Saturday, 1 August 2009


I had my very first assembly today. Everyone was like "Hey, you are Vivian right? The one who spoke yesterday at Speaker's Corner", and some "Hi, Vivian". Seemed like I became a lil' famous bacause of yesterday. Lol..

During the assembly, I was so bored. The third Faezah in our class, aka McJah, was in front of me. I asked her if she was listening. She said no. Then I asked her if she was bored like I was. She said a bit. Then I responsed "Jom lah balik rumah. Bosan giler." She gone "pffftttt!" XD

So..there were no teacher again for today. And went back to room at..10am I supposed. Then I was shocked of something. MY-MATTRESS-IS-MISSING. I was like...did a thieve or anyone came in? There were few instutite workers there and they stopped and asked "Bilik nie ada orang sakit kan? Ha, kite trime arahan kena keluarkan katil sesume tue". So..I was like "Saper yang sakit?", the makcik said "Kamu ke..atau kawan kamu..", then before she continued, I cut her and said "Mana ada orang yang sakit? Semua sihat sihat je...".

All right, so someone gave wrong information to them and thus took away the mattress. I was kinda angry because....people came in and did something to my room without permission. How rude was that... I never planned to go home this week actually. But I was so pissed and I started to pack my belongings after I had my shower.

Take a look, please..

And put everything aside.. On my roommate's study desk

So I decided to follow Ting and 2 seniors' taxi to go to bus station. One of the senior was Mei Chew. When she saw me she said "Hey, some boys in my class admire you wei...". Then I "Yerr!! Call them go die la.." in mandarine (broken mandarine XD). I asked how come they "admire" me, then she said last week those boys saw me playing tennis; then somehow kena my poison.. Lolx...? Go get some life, please..

Then..this was a shot that I took in my bus.

I did not phone and tell mom that I came home today. I phoned her only when about 3mins more to reach bus station in my town. Luckily she was at Mc'D, which was on the way to bus station, so I dropped by there and went to get my momma. So coincidence that anigi came back too. So..after I had teatime there, we went back home and cleaned ourselves. Then, I made momma fetched me out to Guitar House, because my guitar was short of love. So I took it for service.

And after that, mom fetch me to buy Rui's items. But I bought extra things. XD

At any cause, please ignore my arms XD

*coughed* Do I look mature? XD
hahaz, another collection~


masahiro said...

If u think a girl is beautiful(in this case mature) her boyfriend will always be there to confirm it XDDD

vivian said...

jahat kau... XD cis..! XDD

masahiro said...