Sunday, 2 August 2009


I'm back to my institute today. I woke up at my usual time-8.45am. I rolled over my spring bed several times and then mom called me to clean myself up, so I did. Anigi wanted and suggested to take off early because today mom was going to buy me a laptop, which I'm typing on the keyboard now (:

So we had our breakfast and then left town at 10.30am, I supposed. Then we traveled and we stopped at Kinta City and hunted for laptop there. We spent about 20minutes at parking lot just to find a parking space. frustrating because there were cars faster than us. But it was okay xD

Then...we went to a shop and lurked the products there since they were having promotion and I eyed on few which were within budget. Then I noticed a Compaq one.. It was kinda okay.. (I'm not familiar with techs stuffs). Then.. we paid and left it there to install things while we had our..lunch. After that..dropped by at Sox World and bought myself socks.. Lol =w=


Then I reached campus at 2.30pm. I cleared off almost everything on my study desk because we had new friend (: and mom me a 3in1 printer also. So...yeah.. Occupied quite a lot of space >_>" I removed my panda solar thingy, and woodcraft thing T^T and no space for photo frames ._. but i placed them on the printer.

And..yeah...the connection here really sux.. I tarak braodband... And how long did this sucky connection took to load my blog photos? I think..I cant upload any of them... Too bad. Well...hope I can upload them asap >3

*hope can publish post ><*

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