Saturday, 29 August 2009

A trip to UTP

This morning I hooked myself at Facebook, playing Sudoku. Wow, it had really been some time since I last played, seriously. And my brain nerves were all jammed. I took almost 5 minutes for each Sudoku puzzle. Ouch~ I loss my skills >_>"

Well, in the afternoon, mom and I went to Tronoh to pick Vincent up from UTP (Uni. Teknologi Petronas). These were my shots while we were still in our journey. Oh, please forgive all the duck faces;



And we were almost there~

The junction

There were so many cars exiting already

Vincent's dorm block

Vincent's board~

Got ready..wanted to take off already

*tie shoe lace*

And Vincent bought a book 8D

Sherlock Holmes~ XD Whee~ *thumbs up*
But he said..he would only lend it to me after he finished reading the whole book ._. And the book was 1408 pages o___O" Wondering how much time would he take to read...And it was thick, I'd worried if I gave up in the middle of the story. And made it collect dust at a corner of my house T^T


Tyng said...

it's been a long time since i read sherlock holmes. love the books. haha. used to pinjam from the convent library.

vivian said...

convent library ada ka? idk lolz.. xDD prefer to owe the book rather than borrowing from other source xD