Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Dating With Mom~

When I woke up this morning, noticed that Vincent's balcony had been painted. The smell was awful. My teddies and pillow had lost their fragrances too =A=

Today was such a boring day. And mom brought me out for a walk in the afternoon.

shot #2

shot #3

She helped a friend of hers to buy blanket. Then, we went to ramadan bazaar. So..OMG....the sun ray was burning my skin off. The heat was really fierce too. =n=

Then we had Nasi Ayam masak merah for dinner, with lychee syrup. And other foods like currypuff, fried cempedak and ..one more which I did not know what the name was. And now.....7.48pm. I-am-bored.

This was taken yesterday >3

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