Monday, August 24, 2009

Cosplay on the way

This morning I went online as soon as I woke up. Then, mom brought me to town to buy some household items, and sent me to bank to withdraw money and bank in money for cosplay items.

Mom said, each time I came back, I would definitely bank in money for stuffs and business. And sometimes she needed to fork out her money for me. Today, mom kinda disapprove me to involve in cosplay activity, because..I banked in RM 380 for wigs, RM 100 for wig accessories, and RM 200 for a costume. She said "Kecik kecik dah pandai belanja, next time matilah when I got allowence" lolxz. But when I got allowence, I would like to buy Lolita outfit(s) and figurines. During GACC, I saw figma figurines sold at Rm80 only, but I did not buy. Thinking back, a bit regret.. xD *remember of nendroid figurines too =w=* sobz....

And in the afternoon, I onlined the whole day. I switched off only in the evening. And at night, I did not know why I was kinda moody. No.., I knew why, but I wouldnt want to mention to anyone. Only one person knew about it.

Nahh...forget about it. Maybe I was the one being sensitive (Lolz...scorpio kidz are sensitive..true wat....). Ayumi, the yuriXyaoi lover pm-ed me and said "I cant believe the buy in your facebook is cloud...". Lolxz?

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