Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home Again

Mom woke me up at 7.45am today, and went to pasar together. After that, we went for breakfast and then went to visit grandma. Today, 3rd aunt's family came back.


We went for lunch together at SeChuan Restaurant. Jonathan followed 2nd uncle's car, as well as myself and mom. A photo of Jonathan with his toys

And myself with toy too

And then Optimus.., requested by Jonathan

And outside the restaurant

And this is Rachel~ X3

She looked cute in here

She was trying to write >3

Kawaii desu nee...? =3
And not to forget to mention.. Vincent promised to come back and help me to fix internet connection today. But he never came back. As expected.. Because I was thinking, would he be so good to come back just to help me fix the connection.... And he really never came back. In the afternoon, I continued to fix the connection line myself, trying this and that.

Surprisingly, I did! XD Omg,and this was how I managed to update blog again >3 it felt so good xD

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