Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jungle Trek

Today Stepmother brought us something good for break >3

After the meal, we went to library. I drew some stuffs, to be put on the time table chart.

Final product

In the afternoon, Ting and I went to wash our clothes =w= My clothes...were from last Thursday until today, exactly one week. I could not wash because it has been raining for past few days. And while waiting for our clothes, Ting and I sneaked in to our classroom~

Time table chart

In the evening, we had cocuriculum activity. This time, we went jungle trekking. We were told that, the jungle next to our institute (still inside our school area), was actually part of the Banjaran Titiwangsa =O Yaruzan....

This picture was taken before we started our journey

Early shots..

After first half of our journey, we reached "stage"
*no stage picture available tho..forgot to capture xP*

And I found a secret pathway >3 lolxz

What written was "Stesen E"

And after the jungle trekking...

All returned sound and safely... =w=V

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