Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Class and Friends~

I went to class as usual today. Same old things. Camwhored several times today. My new puncher had kinda like spoilt ady after lending to coursemates.

Spoilt.. =(

Though it still looked okay in there..

And Anastassia gave me Lollipops~! ^^ I over reacted when she showed me lollipops XD Because she put her lollipops in a Teddy box >3 hehe..

And these were taken when there was no lecturer in class

And presentation during L.Dev class

Big Fat Sensei called out randomly, but my name was not called xD

And Ting had been a very bad girl today =< She spoke in mandarine language in class and was punished. She needed to sing an English song tomorrow.

Moments later, I accidentally spoke in BM too. Big Fat Sensei did not hear it, but Ting told him, as if she was not satisfied. And then I was punished too. =<
ps: I need to sing an english song?? Whut?!

By the way, this is Big Fat Sensei

And this was taken in Biology lab in Blok Pentadbiran.

We were having Study Skills and Information Literacy (SSIL), by Mr. Kao. When he saw both of them camwhored at that thing, he asked if they were in love with it XD

Today's class over at 2.30pm. But we had to go and watch a debate competition. It was so boring =<

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