Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still Sick

I wore a mask to class today. Stepmother asked me if I was okay, no I was not. I had flu this morning and slight fever. Seemed like having fewer twice a week is not a rare thing now. Big Fat Sensei asked me the same thing too.

In Thinking Skills class, I tried my best to pay attention. Then in Social Studies class (with Mr.Shamsul Abdullah), he got to know the new comers. Seemed like he freaked them out xD Lol..

Hmm...3pm now...
4pm will be having GERKO at Dewan Seri Melati.. I will be going out at 3.30pm to go for medical check up and "make myself got quarantine". Anastassia was 37.2degree Celcius. I can't adapt with surrounding in the afternoon and my body temperature always varies due to heat.

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