Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I never liked the Sun

This morning before everyone came in to class, Anastassia told me that the guys thought that I was in menstruation due to my "moodiness" yesterday XD Maybe I was too serious. I showed her the pictures of the kid I saw last night at pasar malam, and I told her that's my new boyfriend XD

We were quite free today beacause only two lecturers came in to our class. First period was with Mr. Ahmad Suhaimi aka The Big, Round Sensei. After recess, we had Basic Maths lesson with Mr. Murugiah, the one who never entered our class before.

There was one fact saying that, Linguistic people never like Maths, and proven by everyone in the class.

Right after I received my handout distributed by this teacher, I yawned. Arief, who felt cheated because he thought there would be no Maths (everyone did not expect to study Maths too... ==), kinda made fun at the back of the class. Some of the guys did the same thing too. All of us were so bored and sleepy. Myself which was (and is) weak in Maths, seemed like was the only one answering all questions written on the white board. But of course, I bet the real genious kept quiet and I'm nothing. =w= thank goddess it lasted for an hour only. We then supposed to have SS class with Mr. Shamsul Abdullah aka The Grandfather. But we were so lucky (again), because he did not managed to enter our class XD

And in the afternoon, we had L. Support class with Big, Round Sensei again in the library. It took me about 20minutes to walk from my dorm to the library. It was freaking hot and warm. My skin really could not stand the heat.

Be under the shadow of umbrella? Yes, of course. Common sense..
But that's only for sunlight. What about heat? Heat is also one factor why I could not go out in the afternoon. As long as the presence of strong UV is detected, my skin would be red and I would have heavy sweat.

When I reached the library, one senior looked at me, probably because I sweat too much == and I was carrying so many heavy things in my arm. Gahh... Should not care about it naa...

After the class, it was 3.30pm. Of course it was hot out there. I really did not want to walk out there. I was still under the shadow of library, but I could feel the heat. But what could I do? I still walked back to my dorm..

*I wanted to cry when I was on my way back T_T it was tooo bad for me*

Hmmm.... Never like Sun... Going now.. =n=

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