Wednesday, 12 August 2009

McD Pondan

Whee~ There was no cockroach on the staircase this morning~ xD

This morning, we gathered at Speaker's Corner for a special session. This was where I spoke last two weeks

Pn. Roslin delivering her speech

The special session took us about one hour. And when we reached class, the second intake students were already in the class. There were only three of them; Malay female. And we noticed, Hazri, the class sleeper suddenly became active (He's a nocturnal).

He was in white top, with maroon necktie

Then we began to rearrange tables and chairs

And camwhores for today:

As planned, I kept quiet all day long. Everyone was asking if I was still in fever. "They want the usual Vivian back xD". They said I looked so serious. Lolx =w=

And at night, Ting, myself and another two seniors went to Tesco and pasar malam. Mommy banked in some money for me today so I took them out and bought some biscuits. Then, Ting and I walked to Jusco to buy Mc'D lunch set for her roommate. So.. there was this one worker, he's a..pondan. Yes, PONDAN. When we came here last week, he had his eyeliner on, today too.

What happened was after we bought Mc'D lunch set, we ordered Sundae Cone (Yup, I cough but yet still ate). Then we sat and ate. Okay, (climax:) as we were enjoying our ice-creams, chatting and laughing on stuffs happened today, that Pondan worker went to wipe a table near us. We ignored him of course. But we did not know what happened, and suddenly he was like "ARGHH~! (with his gestures=facepalm)". Then after he had done his job he walked away.

*Gone away*

*LOL veyry hard* (But me no voice-lah.. =w=).
Ting and I just could not stop laughing. I asked her what happened to him, she did not know anything too. Then she imitated his behavior just now, and we laughed harder.

Then he went to wipe again, and we tried not to laugh.
After that, he walked away.

So...normal-lah. Then I observed him. He was standing near counter. Then I turned to continue to chat with Ting. From her position, she could see that Pondan, and told me that a worker passed him a mirror. Then he adjusted his hair. Kinda normal for a of us ignored him.

And outta sudden... he yealled again!

Both of us laughed again, Ting ahad already finished eating her ice-cream, while me, had not. She called me to swallow it >_>"

As soon as I finished mine, we walked out and continued to laugh again XD

*skipped laughing part*

Then we headed to pasar malam. Ting had her favourite food, laksa. While I had chee cheong fan aka Pig-Long-Powder LOL~ Sitting same table with us was two aunties and a kid. I took shots of that kid.

Potential bishounen

Kinda cute-lah

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