Monday, 10 August 2009

Cockroach Tale

We were requested to gather at JPP room at 4.30pm. Aqmal and Alia texted me a message reminding me to go there. So I napped after I offline and woke up again at 4.10pm. Then I got myself done and went with Ting. Surprisingly there was no one, exccept for some of the JPP committee members, and some of the trainees who used there for classes. Ting asked one of them regarding the 4.30pm meeting. That person said it was only for those who had not been measured for blazer.

Ting and I had measured. And there was no one from our class; only both of us, the only Chineses.. Then Ting phoned Aqmal but he did not pick up the phone call. Others were the same too. It was like a prank. Ting was so pisted off. And I? I was complaining when I woke up from nap, thinking "So fast 4.10pm already?". And now it was like we went there for nothing.

Okay fine.. We walked back to our dorm. I was pretty sure Ting would scold Aqmal tomorrow. But seriously, HE IS SO IRRESPONSIBLE!!

Then I went to bath and wash clothes. It took me about one hour. After hanging all my clothes, I went back to my room. But... THERE WAS A COCKROACH ON STAIRCASE!!!

And I instantly *SCREAM!!! (But no voice come out.. xD). I was so scared. I did not know what to do. All my actions and gestures nailed there. But I managed to take photos of it.

It's on staircase

Keep my distance away from it.. Can you see it? (I cant see where it is..lolz)

Please note that COCKROACH is the FIRST THING ON EARTH that I'M FEAR OF.

I was at the place I stood for about one minute, and then a senior walked up the staircase. I watched her. She was not afraid. She walked to a side to avoid it. So I was like... "It did not attack her...".

Then I walked.. And I skipped few steps. I was so scared!!! >A< And I remembered Pn.Umaimah told us about Law of Attraction; The more fearful you are towards a thing, the nearer the thing comes to us.

I took courage to walk the staircse, okay.... >n<

And as I wrote this post, I was having my so-called dinner. A cup of Nescafe only.. I forgot to buy some heavy food stuffs yesterday. And I was kinda lazy to go to cafeteria to pack some food. Then someone knocked my door. It was Ting, she called me to go for dinner with her. So.. I went. At least I had a companion. Not lonely.


Ting bought bread to share with me. So she called me to her room after dinner. Then we divided the bread equally among the two of us. There were only two of us in her room and she suddenly talked about sex. Lolz... She talked about Edison's porno film. Eeeek.... *run away(went back to my room)*

I washed my Nescafe cup and I saw that COCKROACH was still there. I was like "Is that cockroach sick or what?? Why is is still there?! Please go away-lah!!". But even if it was really sick, I would not touch it or anything. Eww...... Kowaii... >n<

Cockroach ish sho scary!!!!


masahiro said...

it at 2nd staircase b4 the top :3

vivian said...

i know it's there but i could not see it in the pic xD

masahiro said...

i see it

vivian said...

ya la, your eyes "lagi besar" than mine xD

masahiro said...

ur eyes should be better thn me coz u still a "kid" XD

vivian said...

pandai le kw... xD

masahiro said...

thnk u for the compliment :3

vivian said...

you are most welcomed.. =w=