Saturday, 4 July 2009


A visit to grandma's place todae~ Come to think about it, I have not been seeing her since Mothers' Day, I think.. >_>"
So..yeah, like what I mentioned the day before. Aunty and Uncle ish back lo, with Jonathan and also Rachel, of course. So this is Jonathan~

Busy with his Transformer toys XD

*collide* kbabooooom!

Jonathan and Rachel.. Rachel looks so fierce >_>"

Then lunch together at SeChuan restaurant.. Jonathan playing with Iphone while waiting for foodz

On my left, there's Jonathan, followed by Uncle Richard, then Rachel and Aunty Janet

And on my right, i have mom, grandma, and 2nd Uncle..haha

After our lunch.. Jonathan posing with his toy

What are they looking at?

.....Please do not think that I always take after meal pictures XD

Jonathan at enterence door

She says ByeBye~ XD

And in the car..Rachel looking back.. So sleepy ady

Then go to Petronas..refill petrol....And buy Transformers toy..BumbleBee.. KL no stock.. Seems like they go there for the sake of toy rather than to refill petrol >_>"
Hmm...why do i have to hold the "rubbish"? XD

*watching him transform it to robot/car..*

So...pose with the "rubbish" la.. XD

Cheers, everyone~ Make every day a spring day~

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