Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Days

Lalala~ Today ish my last day in school XD Purposely pin up my bangs to school XD ps: i hate to pin up my hair although people say it looks "tidy" XD
There were two funny incidences that happened today XD First.......
Mr. Rajamoorthi, MUET teacher teach us about NS stuffs ma..Pros and cons of it....suddenly say "Aiyeiyo, today Vivian didnt come to school. So fast gone to maktab ady ga? Too bad la. No one argue my points anymore"
Then I was like *speechless ._.* and thinking "what's happening.....?"
Then one friend say "Sir, vivian is there *point*" and teacher immediately turned his head to my direction (although i sit quite front in class >_>"). Then teacher was like stunt ady, and then suddenly say "Ayy...,still here ah? :D"
So I was like *sweat... XD* and then he say "cannot recognize you la with your hair like this"
Wah...really speechless XD *LOL-ed xD*
This is how I looked like when I pin up my bangs

Hahaz, it's myself and pooipooi again XD

And the second incidence was...
Today we had library period. but we usually stay in class cz lazy wanna walk to library. so today got one teacher came in and jaga us la...walk around and suddenly teach about urusniaga thing. lolz... == then teach finish ady walk round the class. Until he notice me lolz..
Teacher: *stare*
Teacher:..wah...lawanya mata
Me: ._.
Teacher: *walk and stand in front of me(im sitting)*
Me:.. *dont dare to LOL*
Teacher: Betul ke ni mata awak?
Friends beside and in front of me: *turned to look*
Teacher: *look at them also* Mata korang hitam, tengok mata dia..apa nama? *see nametag* vivian..
Me: *ppffff!!!!*
PooiPooi: Cikgu mau pun boleh a..
Teacher: (forgot what he said) awak anak apa?
Me: ..Saya anak mami saya XDD
Teacher: Mami?

seriously......but in the end i din tell out that i actually was wearing contact lens.. And i really dont dare to LOL that time XD friggin' funneh XDD

Then after school since mama wont fetch me so early, so i went to shop XD

Price of 916gold now is RM122 per gramme XD
ps: can concult me if wanna buy gold XD i can guide

And then afternoon camwhore again XD

lol at myself, so perasan XDD

*no caption XD*

want to re-edit again and make it like name card, and then wash few copies and distribute to friends before i leave X3

the description says it all~ X3

That's all fer today~ yokatta, tomorrow fav aunt come back~ with jonathan and rachel XD ngek ngek.. XD

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