Thursday, 9 July 2009


Another ordinary day for me.. Morning woke up ady, go online..and noticed that meebo still not working...zzzz...kinda moody lolz.. Then on for 2 hours like that only... Offline ady and tido again.. =w= then 2 hours later woke up for lunch.
Damn, so scare if I eat ady need to sleep again cz nothing to do.. And really sounds like "bangun, makan, tido. bangun, makan, tido. bangun, makan, tido". >_>" But luckily, mom said wanna go out sell off gold xD hahaz, so went out lo, go to my shop X3 and meet with senpai-tachi... xD And then go buy woodcraft things~ Mou, went to shop again before going back. Boss was there. He called me work for him, but mana boleh o? Have to go ady ma... Then he say work 2 or 3 days also good la.. Then mom was like "you work on saturday and sunday la". Then I "...o.......".
Work 2 days also fun.. xD but good also a.. Since now broke ady, and short of financial matters.. Boss said will pay me high XD Good.., goood.....
Then went back home straight away build my woodcraft thingy.. X3

I bought "Lamp and Clock", "Furniture" lolz.. and "Dining Room". Complete set ady plus my "Toilet"..

One hour on this set..lamp and clock

Half an hour on this furniture set

And last set..., toooook so much time to do.. Main problem was on the cupboard.. Took me about half an hour.. >A< build until can piss off..haha XD and then the 4 chairs and table about 20 mins only...

Yippie..., I have all ady.. XD
swt >_>"

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