Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fashion Stuff

A nyappy-nyappppppy morning desu~ As expected, some items will arrive today~ Sou desu nee...? Got one item reach at 9am like that.. That time I just washed my face..hohoho.... xD Lens arrived first lo... Damn that penghantar... SMOKER!! **** busuk... ***.. *tooooooot* ******

Address written..dont send bomb to my house okay? If send present never mind... XDD

Fresh Grey lens for Senior Ila (from previous working place), and 2 pairs of Mangekyou Sharingan lens for ikan bilis..lolx...pigi jauh jauh la.... XD

And then 9.35am like that another item came~ Whee~ ^^
What's that ah?

Cant wait to open~

And here it is~

It's my long awaited Soul Eater lanyard~! T^T sobz~ Welcome to my family~ T^T And well~ this is Maka~ nyappy happy~ Blur pic cz it's taken from near~

Characters printed on the lanyard cloth was only meisters...sadly.. TAT Was searching for Soul, checking details and see if he's there... But no.... Haizz..... a-ri-ma-se-n.... =n=, the confirmation letter isnt here yet.. Screw the government.. Always like to delay things and do slowly.. Haiyo.. When the letter reach me, I'm in my coffin ady la... *touch wood* I need the Borang Am 402 so much in order to go for medical check up.. Without it, how to give the doctor to certify that Im a healthy person?? Hoiyo..!
HOWEVER! In the evening, Rei-chan suddenly sms me, saying that she obtained the Borang Am 402 from internet.. Google it and download and print... I was like.. "serious ah..?". Then I straight away go bath and go CC do it.., since printer isnt funtioning.. Then settled... So, will have my medic check up on Friday.. Yes, on FRIDAY (delay another day) cz mom is busy tomorrow (need to bring grandma do acupunture and dunno what else). Seems like no difference anyway.. >_>"
And then.. got a message from CF forum.., the message was from BlackCatz... She wanted to pinjam, or perhaps, rent, my Meido outfit.. Hmmm...should I borrow or shouldn't I? Opinion from mom: What if she doesn't return it back to you?". And I replied "will kua... >_>" ".. leh? Advantages and Disadvantages are:

-can earn money (in need of money now:for wigs and costume)
-slightly accurate of my horoscope sign (yesterday said that money ish coming on my way..lolx)

-worry my outfit >A< (since I sayang it so much..lolz)
-scare suddenly got "scar" on my outfit punya skin XD

Dont know what else pros and cons.. But so far, I'm still neutral about this.. She needs my outfit for school's exhibition... ah? =n=


realmofthelazyvampire said...

for black catz thing

i think u can trust her~

well~u the one who decide~

vivian said...

hmmm..... = /