Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Anigi hepi burst dae.. xD

Few days ago noticed that my blog thing.. "create post" this thing here, the Font option, font size, and font colors, as well as position thing (left, centre or right) diappeared. Does anyone know what happened? haiz...so dull la, no color color.. xD and same font aje... =n= Now if want to have various fonts and colors, need to copy paste from previous posts..so troublesome....zzzz...

Days are getting boring..each day....... morning not counted cz not so active yet.. Afternoon.., freaking bored la, no homework to do anymore. And if last time, at least need to go learn car (But thank god, now nonit). And except if mom calls me to do house chores... And night...? Online only..can get fat also >_>" haha XD

Dunno got what anime to watch... Recommended Pandora Heart and 07 ghost by other people..but somehow lazy to watch also... And not to forget..,

Have been eating so much thing recently!! Kuat makan oi... =___=" Maklum ler..., next week onwards no nice foods to eat ady. Mama wont be with me to cook fer me~ Gonna miss her cookings =w= And she was like..cooking alllll her best dishes before I cant taste them for long period of time T^T And buy whatever junks I want.. (that day bought rocky pocky xD) hmm....MAMA, I WANT CHOCOLATEZ~! >A<
Haizz...in maktab later, i bet kenot pin up so many anime posters in my room ady >_>" i think is share room punya la.., if other trainee comes in to my room, see so many anime stuffs, dunno ler...
ps: imagine teacher's room decorated with Anime merc.. XD

And of course, at maktab there cant wear jeans/denim pantsu/skirts >A< haizz...damn it lah.. Must have "proper" attire.. Pigi mati lah.. XD Dunno how will life be at there..haizz...tak biasa leave home for long time.. (although ipoh to teluk intan is at least 50mins, but mama call me come back only when got sem break..... Why??). And mom asked me that day...:
Mom: You want to bring which bolster? Big or small one?
Me: Small one~

>_>" Take note that I sleep on Queen size bed (double), have 2 pillows (considered double), and have 2 bolsters (considered double also)... So...
*thinking: Small bolster without the big one...not "symmetrical" and is incomplete*
And suddenly scream:


Mattaku... and realized that I hafta be more independent >3 Nowadays mom call me do/take things by myself...aiyo, help help me a bit ma >< xD At least I know how to cook and do laundry..haha XD and some other simple stuffs and chores~

IMO #1 ...."Big girl ady...have to be more reliable.."
IMO #2 ******** lah...im still a kid.. XD

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