Sunday, 5 July 2009

Some Random Post

Mou...this was taken early this morning..sick face..posing with new "toy"
Not really toy la XD want to bring to maktab punya..haha XD

And this scar was from last week during Animangaki.. =w= kena scratch by people's tag...

Jaa..,kino was Aunt Janet... kyou wa Aunt Jessica desu.. XD came here in a surprise..didnt tell anyone xD
Then had breakfast together xD
This is Breena...drinking Milo

Then go visit baa-chan lo

See her fierce face... XD
Caption: I may be a kid. But DO NOT mess with me

And then night go jalan jalan buy things lo.. *saw pocky.. =w=*

*capture from far..* *zoooom*

i want all~~

zen-bu-de~ onegai~ XD
in the end mama bought me rocky pocky only XD

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