Friday, 31 July 2009

First Speakers' Corner Speech Giving~

We finished class early today. Many lecturers were not around. And here...there was a tregedy..
Monday, Arief sicked. Tuesday, he MC. Wednesday, Syazwan sicked, Arief went back home. Thursday, Alia and Ikin sick.
What happened to them?

Anyway, yesterday..I was informed that I need to give a speech this morning. Informed through an sms by anonymous. I thought it was a prank. But I did prepared. I sms-ed pals regaring the theme of my speech, "Money Versus Love".
gratitude goes to Hiroro, and Mamoru-nyan *stare at miyuki* Ha ha ha... My speech went vey well. I had fun giving speech. I thought I would get panic and pronounced words wroongly. But, it turned out to be exciting. Really, really, fun ^^
Then, I wrote my speech all over again in "proper" form.

In my room

My last junkz >A<

And a white cat near rubbish bin

And a brown one~

(serangan mata kesian?)

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