Thursday, 2 July 2009

Drama Champion~

I supposed this is my final class pic..haha

Taken at Science3 coridoor.. *noticed right hand side* hmm.. =w= got potential to do photoshoot there. .XD

PooiPooi XD and PhooiPhooi

Taken before took off to SMK Sultan Abdullah at Chenderong Balai for Drama competition

I see myself in there XD

After my school's turn

Yo~ Surprisingly my school was the champion~! XD
Go to stage take trophy XD
ps: only actors.. directors none >A<

*give sharp look at trophies*

Directors worked so hard but earn nothing

Yen Siang aka the grandpa got a title.."The Best Actor"

Fuiyo...Johan.. XD

Unexpected thing was...there are extra 4 Johan trophies~ XD All give to directors XD

Yen Siang and I
ps: lol at his rabbit tooth XD

Hail to the directors~
From left: Sa-chan, Rei-chan, Me, Keropi..

Sweet memory before leaving Saint Anthony~
This trrrophhy ish mine~ >3

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