Friday, July 31, 2009

Art Class~

I did not have a good night sleep, most probably due to my tireness. I went and played tennis on Saturday and Sunday for two and a half hour on both days, without warming up. My muscles were really aching me. I slept at 11.10pm on Sunday. And Monday early morning, I woke up on 2.30am like that. I could sleep anymore after that. Until at about 5am, I slept finally. But I woke up again at 6.30am. So in short, I slept for sevral hours only.

I had class until 4.30pm. How tiring was that. Then, I went back to dorm and did laundry, cleaned myself and napped. And it lasted for an hour only. Ting came to my room to ask me out for dinner tonight. Bacause, we would be having Art class at 8pm. Seriously, I needed a good sleep.
So, in the class, we were kinda not listening..

Izz scribbling my notebook

Aqmal drew in his book too

And what did he drew?

Sorry, but please "appreciate" the picture. I can explain the hidden meaning behind this picture that he drew

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