Friday, 31 July 2009

Different Class Story

We were supposed to have an assembly this morning, but it rained. So, some of us truanted it (though I was pretty sure that the assembly had canceled).

And I scribbled the white board. I was trying to draw K-ON characters >_>"

But they did not look like any of them. So.. *sweat*

At least this really assembld Yui

Then, Alia requested to draw a malay girl

And hey, that's my chinese name

By logic, of course I did not write it. Ting did. My chinese writing is really horrible.

And camwhored

And then left two of them. Did the another one looked like Ritsu?

And seemed like they were doing last minute things

We wrote our names in phonetics. Can you spot mine?

This...messy file

And my messages

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