Friday, 31 July 2009

The Beginning of Business

In L.Dev class, we were required to write a phonetic message to everyone. I wrote the same message to them.
Pictures of the day

Anime posters on my wall.

And my parcel had arrived

*cover name*

And we had a lil' speech at night, by the Chinese clan. Yes, CHINESE. So? I buat bodoh lah..

Green shirt.. Luckily not a yellow color one. Or else, I would really be tagged as "banana".

And from where I sat

I saw guitar


Guess what, there was a senior, she was delivering her speech to us. And it sounded very much like a poem. Wow..I managed to take a shot of her

There were lecturers as well. But of course, I understood almost nothing. Until a sir was delivering, I was understood that he was kinda warning us not to fail any exams here, because it would mean that we were actually wasting parent's money. He was emphasizing that and spoke with loud voice. Somehow, I spontaneously replied "Need to speak so loud-meh?" in kinda not-so-soft tone, but not-very-loud too. My friends sitting beside me and some others in front looked at me too, all were chuckling. XD

And after the so-called "speech", Chiew Ting came to my room, wanting me to guide her in phonetic message, because I had finished mine this morning when there were no teachers.

*flip through dictionary*
*copy, copy, copy*

And camwhored a while

Chiew Ting left my room at 12.40am. Owh my.., I was soo sleepy y'know.... =_=

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