Friday, 31 July 2009

First Class

I'm home, everyone. They were happy to see me again. So, my first lesson was English Studies. We learned about Literature. I thought it was supposed to be interesting, but it turned out the other way round. Then, we had Language Development class. It was kinda fun. These were some shots taken on this day.


He was playing with his PSP all the time. And FYI, he watches Masked Rider Decade too

Then, we were informed by seniors that we had to perfrom for a programme on a night, which we did not know when. We decided to perfrom a comedy drama. With my experience and guidance, I hope I can lead them well.
Look, we were discussing

Aqmal as our Head

We were so serious..
I meant it, but we were pretending only

And this is myself, and Chiew Ting

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