Monday, 20 July 2009


Woke up by a call from coursemate~ " =w= hello....?". It was Ting-chan, and then passed over to.....dunno who? (lolz) and told me that lecturer was looking for me.. I was like ".............whut?? *pause a while* i ady told aqmal i wont be around wat..". And then said "joking aje lah".. *phew* scare me... Then after the convo ended, couldnt sleep ady. was 8.15am like that.

Then got myself ready and went out settle surat aku janji for maktab documents. And then Ting-chan phoned me again, asked me if im interested to participate in debate.. I was like "okay.......sure..haha", then she continued "debat, not debate". So I asked "Owh...BM la? Then I dont want lah, I got B3 and when I speak, semacam je...". Haha, so like that lor.. Afternoon go online a while. Then evening teringat pula go things not yet do. Have been very busy those hours tho... =S's 6.47pm now.. By right, I should off in another 2minutes and get ready... *sigh...* I wanna update more and more eh...haha
So now...stalk something first..
Byebye blog~

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