Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My Farewell

My first and also last camwhore at school toilet XD

Stupiak friends..all lepas kapal terbang, only 3 came.. XD

This is Keropi.. XD

Our foodz

Cheesy Wedges

Charissa aka Sa-chan. Hmm....what is she doing ah..? XD

XD Everyone secretly bring electronic gadgets to school XD

Baka Keropi.. XD

Pui Wen aka PuiPui and Sa-chan

Crazy girls XD

Hohoho~ XD Expressions of 'muka bodoh' XDD

Sa-chan blinked eyes XD

And another shot~

Crazy puipui

*munch foodz*

XD haha

Lolz at Keropi XD

Hahaz XD

Sa-chan looks happy XD

Ate one and a half chicken ady full.. XD

*munch munch munch*

I forgot what were we talking about until Sa-chan do this action XD

Freaking full ady...

take my phone and camwhore XD

Curi curi take my pic XD

Sa-chan..haha XD

Lolz at Keropi's expression XD

After finishing our food XD
ignore allll the tissues XD

Sa-chan and I desu


Walking back to school..haha


From outside school

From class coridoor

Taken outside 6Arts1 class

Whiteboard XD

ps: I didnt write this XD

La....Im still here..why take my desk away...?


My besties~

Pooi See, Pui Wen and I

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