Monday, 20 July 2009

Going Home

Ohayou Nichiyobi~

Took some shots in the morning XD
This lake is beside Block K (behind my block). This lake was banned to be used for any reason, cz got one senpai said, last time got a dragon came out and ate one student...lolx... Ali senpai told us when we had the so-called "lawatan sambil belajar".. Owh, I remembered, I did asked why no dragon when we jalan jalan.. Ali senpai said maybe have to seru naga first... And know what, I was thinking to flip over Naruto manga and see how to summon dragon XD like the one kakashi sensei did in the first Naruto the mmovie XD suiryuu-dan something something XD
ps: semuanya illusion semata-mata untuk kegunaan sendiri (ss le tu..) XD
This is it..

Then was waiting for mama to fetch me..camwhored~

Noticed and I think that maybe both of my palm an cover my face..haha

Mama came at about 1.45pm.. Wah....wait until i became corpse ady XD so bored~ Yokatta~ finally can go home~

I miss:
-my bed
my back hurts when i slept on non-spring bed at dorm XD maklum ler..18years on spring bed..and wasnt really comfortable on the small bed in dorm as well XD (ps:lebih lebih je... XD)

-my big bolster
i couldnt sleep well without you with the small one

-my guitar
i wanna jam when i bored desu....

-my room
i wanna see everything in my room XD

-my blog
wanna update also kenot...haha

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