Monday, 20 July 2009

The Sesat Mission~

Hello Saturday~ *pack bag and cabut to Shah Alam for Bon Odori* XD
Ohayou.. today roommate aka Su Fan senpai leaving desu... Mou.. the room was kinda like empty lor.. Whole block also... Nap a while in the afternoon, then sms with miyuki-chan... Omg, im so bored =A= Guess what, miyuki-chan told me to wander in the institute and see if i can sesat XD I really did that XD i wander around in the evening XD

I am ready to feel the "adventure" x3 with my naru_sasu shirt XD

ps: If you see me, remember to greet me "vivian sensei" XD lolz, joking desu.. XD

But sadly after lurking around for almost half an hour, it seems like I tak sesat... haiz...diapoointed... XD and I met Tracy senpai too, she was jogging.. haha
Then, after giving up making myself sesat, I go sanpo...


Then, walked around courts area... Saw 2 teachers playing tennis desu... Heeded me..lolz. and invited me to play with! So I went XD but instead of playing with them, I pinjam the racket and went to another court and squash the wall....lolz. Met Jian An senpai desu.. Oh ya, one thing I noticed was he always had a weird or surprise face when he saw if he was wanting to ask why am i here or how come you are here also ah..lolz XD kinda wanna laugh at his expression.. XD He tend to ask me "Are you okay?" or "Everything okay?"..lolz..omg, datte maybe i looked like a person living in tears? lolz...

Played until almost 7pm..and took some shots..
Random senpai palying

And these..

Jian An senpai is shooting basketball.. and Tracy senpai hidden ady, she was in grey

Okie~ lemme explain =w= the reason why i stopped was because of this, the picture tells everything =w=

Tennis ball stucked up there...haha XD
And Jian An senpai actually knew how to play tennis. Pinjam him sensei's racket and he played a while. Sugoi desu, but he said im better..lolz... =w=

Sensei's racket

So overall, my mission failed.. XD

Haha, and at night..was so bored T^T One true fact is, the toilet ish scary... Last night when it was already so silent, was washing my face.. Ada ler mirrors front and back.. Well, saw my own image la..blur tho cz din wear spec or lens ma... Wish that my image in the images of mirrors reflected front and back ish still there... XD if i dont see my own image, im gonna run for my life..
Tonight was alone in room, and packing stuffs for tomorrow. And baru teringat my things.. XD

Woodcraft item~

Finished~ XD

Demo...still so much time, and not sleepy yet...wanna go toilet also scare... When almost 11.30pm, immediately rush to toilet.. cz dont wanna go toilet after 12am...scare..
Then washed face ady, i go wash feet ma... Suddenly got shadow passed by me back.... Wah....immediately turned to see... Luckily got people.. If no people, I will run away, leaving my stuffs in toilet and let the tap water just like that.... Wah...really scary eh... Dont even dare to look up the wall and especially ceiling..
Kowai yo... ><

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