Sunday, 19 July 2009

Getting to Know People~

Night got ceramah again as usual.. =w= Really bored...and coursemate drew these;

Read the title XDD

And myself..lolz =w=

Luckily the lecture ended early XD And since we had so much time left, the student committee said wanna have fun... omg,they randomly select us to go up the stage..wah...... luckily tak kena select XD Those selected kena blind fold and dance...lolz! Dance "poco" song =w= hmm.....poco..? Lantaklah... =w= So, after students present, the committees said still wanna have fun wor..then we "mogok" and shouted that we want committees to present XD Then dengan bangganya the student council committee president asked nak present apa.. we all like a bit quiet lo.. Then I randomly screamt "Ulat Bulu" XD Lolx, i think I screamt too kiddy way XD then the president also imitated me by using his suara pecah kind and said "ulat bulu" lolz...cilaka xia.. XD but i kinda wanna hide my face cz...kiddy voice >_>" Malangnya the president so pandai, he said no time ady wor.... Then we all like disappointed lor...but yet i randomly (again) screamt "esok la". This time everyone lol-ed.. XD kinda funny also la...

Tsugi...after everything, we went back and sleep...lena and sedap tido.. suddenly got alarm rang. Alarm kebakaran..lolz..... Rupanya is firedrill practice... =w= Cis...sedap tido, got this thing pulak..... That time was like 12.40am like that.... oiyo.....

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