Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lawatan Sambil Belajar

Lolz...morning exercise session was like.. LOL...They thought us a song..Dont know title, but this is the lyrics XD

Ada Sang Ulat Bulu,
Punyai kaki seribu,
Siapa jumpa kakiku, kakiku.
Jikalau tak dapat,
terpaksa ku melompat,
Dengan kaki seribu kurang satu.

Lolz... Funny thing is, the session leaders, which were committees of student council, told us to sing it by changing all the vowels to a, e, i, o, and also u. zomg...especially when vowel U, guys megada la at the 'kakiku' part..lolx...
Other vocals were funny to vowel E when at kakiku...lolz....dont wannna continue with this song XDD

And then, in the afternoon for riadah activity, student council committee took us for a walk around campus.. Group by group la.. Kononnya lawatan sambil belajar XDD Shots taken;

Dunno who...lolz XD

Bus garage..

IPIP Hulu Kinta.... Institut Perguruan Ipoh Perak

Senior Ali who was leading sports attire

Bumped to other group.. Senior Fadzrool...he has mean look...lolz, a bit membencikan sometimes XDD

Another group...bumped inside blok pentadbiran

Tennis court...lolz...

And after we jalan finish, Senior Ali took us out for yamcha XD but pay ownself la.. XDD cz we still have time ma XD This one taken before we went in again

Then..evening....with Chinese group again lor.... =n= Sat alone at back... Chinese group seniors there also noticed me..asked me why I didnt join them..lolz. So I told them Im not fluent in Chinese language..lolx.... Then chat other things lor.. Where did I came from, my course.. Sad and wrong thing was the senior who was talking to me.., Senior Tracy.. She asked me whether I got miss home anot.... I was like.."prepare me a pail or supply me tissue please...." tsumari..I cried.... Baka...Im crying every single day cz I homesick... sobz... I wanna go home... Then another senior came and consult me.. Senior Jian An... He shared his homesick experience with me..nyahh.... yada yada... Please stop... I dont wanna continue crying.., but.....haiz... Maklum ler...Im so emotional... Senior Jian An was consulting me then suddenly.. "You like Anime, right..?". Mattaku.., stopped crying ady pulak and conversation was between him and I ady pulak...Abandoned Senior Tracy.. Haha..Senior Jian An saw my lanyard desu...Haha, but he said he likes Maka, and in my mind I said "belongs to wen" =w=

Mou... From kazoku to Anime.. Haha.. Demo..still ok lah... both Senior Tracy and Senior Jian An were majoring in Maths, and minor in Chinese.. (Chinese again....)

This one taken in my room when I was free in the afternoon~

*tak sampai hati nak makan XDD*

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