Sunday, 19 July 2009

J8 First Meeting

Well, this morning began with our group discussion.. So, we met with our coursemate. And it was a coincidence that I met this guy again, which had interview with me in May.
Well, I'm in Group 8. Major field of study is Secondary English, and minor in PJ and Arts. There were 13 of us only in our group. And only 2 chinese including me. The rest were all Malay. Lol.... So.., we had kinda like Ice Breaking session.. Suai kenal..blablabla.. Lame activity XDD

Then in the evening, each race were divided into respective group. So... Chinese huh...? =w= "Okay.., I will see what I can do.."
Lolz.., surprisingly that actually ALL chinese were majoring in Chinese subject (primary and secondary). And left 2 of us (myself and coursemate), but she's chinese educated... So..... I-was-isolated.
That's it...

Watch from far....

Hmmm.....actually kinda sad la..

Why am I alone? why cant I understand them?
No.... why they use deep chinese? =(

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