Sunday, 19 July 2009

IPG Ipoh July 2009 Intake Registration Day

My registration desu... Second time to this Ipoh Maktab.. first was during interview ;p Well, 2nd aunt and uncle fetched me there desu...the aunt who married to malay, and then converted to Islam punya... So....., when I register, students dutying at counters gave weird looks to think they thought that i was adopted from

So..everything was okay.., then met my tutor lor... Also gave weird look to 3 of us.. Then my aunt got explain la.. XD then.., luckily no one misunderstood. After registration then go report at dorm pulak...was placed at dorm J....freaking far from academic centre... Well, then..since I was with no one, then the mak cik agih-ing students punya put me with one senior... So.., after handed the key over to me then I move my luggage and everything to my room lo.. The room was kinda small..but ok lor...half a loaf is better than nothing..=3 Put everything into room ady then went out for lunch..and actually new comers were supposed to eat foods prepared in the cafeteria near dormitry area.. but...never mind lah.. XD

Then after lunch, aunt drop me back to my dorm and then byebye ady... My room ish J2-4.. 2nd floor, room4.... So..walked up and found that my roommate has got back "home". Jaa...hajimemashite....,yoroshiku.. xD haha, her name is Su Fan (ps: fan su...? XDD), majoring in Chinese..and graduating this year end.. XD well..., she's nice and kind to me tho.. xD Then, sooner, left room to go for opening ceremony...

Blablabla...The night speech given by a big,fat lecturer... OMG...his speech was like almost 4 hours.., and ended at almost 12am... Cilaka him ah... His limit was only 2hours..... Walao-A...beh tahan.... *shook head* Sleep so late... But if is because I go online then accepteble la XD post~

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