Friday, 10 July 2009

Goodbye Form 6

Nyan~ This morning went to school desu..was during recfess time...kononnya meet for the last time.. XDD distribute the so-called name cards..lolx.. XD KacauKacau pooipooi and Sa-chan who were dutying at gate.. And now, finally saw "him" == with his name tag on.. Who? My senior la..lolx.. Icic...his name is Chee bad.., thought is Jee Kuan.. XDD exactly same name as AkiRan.. XD Then went recess together..lolz? >w<
Jaa.. I asked PooiPooi and Sa-chan.. How was life without me.. Sa-chan said..tak biasa when turn back to see, im not at my place anymore.. it's empty.. T^T Hmm..I didnt know that I'm soooo important XDD and PooiPooi.., many things happened..personal things la..and she kena kacau ady but unknown freakz in the school.. Sigh... One week not around only so many things ady... And then bumped to Keropi.. she was like "Ayyyy~!! *hug*". Distributing those name cards..everyone was like *rebut*..lolx.... Even the drama boys also.. Call me come and help in state level competition..haha

And few shots taken before I left

same picture, different intonation

Senior Chee Guan is at bottom left...

Busy canteen

Senior Chee Guan..lolx.. so weird
ps: so buruk 1.. XDD

Jaa~ brb at night la..haha, afternoon go medic check up >3

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