Friday, 10 July 2009

First Medic Check Up

*yawn~* damn tired eh.. =o=

So..this afternoon... Was at hospital ady..then anigi sms-ed and said phone my maktab campus since they didnt send me their letter.... lo.. And most jahanam thing was, the person talking to me said that i need to daftar online blablabla whatever ******* that fella said la.. Then ok lor..since was at hospital.., kenot check after medic check up only can go do at cc...

First thing to go through was color blindness test..and then alphabet lor.. Then, urine test.... Very very happy thing was, I urined before I went to hospital == Thanks to mom la, from last time ady trained me to go peepee before going out... Mom also forgot to remind me not to peepee... Then....I "locked" myself in the toilet for like..half an hour? Seriously, apa pun tarak... For your informaation, I dont like to drink water, so it's no wonder I dont have urine == okay? So in the toilet I was like "How ah...? Aiyo..."I thought of sms-ing puipui, since she did tests before..but forgot ady.., no line in toilet, and advisable not to use cellphone in hostital... Owh great... imma doooooomed. In the end, I came out from the toilet and headed to that *forgot the name of that room*, and mom asked me how la, why so long... I told her lor..I tarak urine...what also dont have... Then bought one bottle of mineral water lo...and drank..
Meanwhile, went to scan Xray... Finished scanning ady also finished drinking the water... Then headed back to previous room lor.. And I go urine again... la, but is only like 1/7 of that smallll urine can... == then I decided to buy another water bottle.... Frankly, I drink until full ady... Drink until dont want to drink ady... Then..almost finished the second bottle ady go peepee again lor..
Quick conclusion was..
1 water bottle=1/7 can
2 water bottles=2/7
(by logic)

So memang la.. conclusion accepted... Second bottle gave me about like 1/5 I presumed.. And that time also almost 5pm ady, almost gonna tutup ady for outsiders... Then I simply put my can at the counter (that counter no people la of course, if got I wont put there sesuka hati >_>"), and was hoping that can be accepted.. And before that, I saw one officer took today's urine cans away to somewhere... I saw one can, almost full punya... Compared to mine.... So little!! Aiyoyo...really die la... pray hard...dont play me la...I really tarak urine ma....dont blame me, dont blame my bladder, dont blame anything...... But luckily, the lady officer said okay.. I was like "ahhh....yesss!!!!! Thank goodness~!! ><"
So pitiful eh... T^T

And then straight away went to cc and do...what daftar online la, and got gave me password..I copied every single thing mentioned... But leh... no result.. Which means I kenot daftar.. Darn... then I phoned my campus to ask again.. But no one picked up..., maybe office hour over ady..
Damn it ah...some infos they gave me on the phone conversation and what I see at the website are different.. Like these la (P=phoen convo; W=website):
P: 6 copies of bith cert, IC, spm result
W: 5 copies only

P: 20 passport size photo
W: 10 only

P: Monday registration starts on 8am
W: starts at 8.30am

So, can easily presume again that whatever told at phone is wrong, including the password thing la...
Haiyo...very miserable lah...... This is one of the reasons why I dont like to work with government... See? THEY ARE IRRESPONSIBLE!
Tomorrow have to mintak anigi do for me ady... Anigi onegai shimasu... All counting on jyoo ><

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