Monday, 8 June 2009


I shall summarize everything XD as short as possible~

5th June
Went to KL lor, took off at 9am...then reached Kuchai Lama at..1pm like that.... Kuchai Lama is where o-tou-san's twin sister lives desu.. And stayed there for a night lor.. night, anigi fetched me to wifi ma.....he wifi in front of me, but din let me play.....hmph! show off ler tu..... =n=
6th June
Had breakfast at Ampang..ate yong toufu... Hahaz....,directed by aunt lor(dad's twin sis).. Haiz.....say bout her lagi ler sakit....... From last time and seems like until now, she has always been our "tour guide", but....! Always the wrong direction! Aiyo ma~! Say bout her also geram ady!
Anigi was driving the car...., aunt sat behind ma.... We asked her at every junction, turn left or turn right? She say turn here, turn here.... And we asked again, left or right? And she say here la... And we're like....... 'here' is left or right?
Aiyo...cilaka 1.....very geram lah! And not to forget, this aunt ish very talkative, and always tak mengaku kalah.....haiyo..... *head-desk* Whoakay~ Let's go back to past....

In car, i sat back row with aunt... And since she's talkative...., she talked non-stop. And I was a victim.. (here goes what i mean..) Everytime she speak, she will hit my back~! *cries* Or to be gentle a bit, she pat me roughly.... Alamak.....Sakit giler......
Luckily now no ady lah... XD

And now, back here again.. When heading for breakfast, there's this one lorong, and it's a one-way street only... And our car cant pass through it. Then....,my aunt was like.. "Go in to the lorong la". And anigi was like "No, we cant", and then aunt said "Can, why not". And a car behind *honkhonk!!* And I "Got car behind eh, honk us ady.." Jaa, anigi went straight. And once again, since she is 'tak mengaku kalah' kind of person, she said "Why didnt you turn in just now?! Haiyo..." And mom cut her convo "Where can go in. It's a one-way la"
And the adults bising bising... Aiyo, sakit telinga.... ==
And after breakfast, went to 7th uncle's shop at.. ampang taman bunga...,if im not mistaken. And there, met with eldest uncle..hohoho. Cousin bro also there ah.. And niece and nephew also
*cough*yes, im already an aunt for 12 years
Stay there for few hours, the nat 2pm like that took off again. Now heading to 2nd aunt's house at Semenyih.
When we're on our way, *skip the stupid arguements about directions ==* 2nd aunt phone anigi, i answered it. She clearly stated, "Turn to right when you saw KFC and PizzaHut". Okay, wakarimashita. Then, passed the message to anigi. So... *skip the stupid arguements again* then passed by Kajang area lo. Whoakayy, dont want to skip.. XD
Look, we're only at Kajang. Aunt was like "Neh, KFC and PizzaHut ma is at there lor, turn here, turn here". Anigi then turned to wherever she said ==. Cilaka part ish here again.. XD

Aunt: Ei? Turn right ady then what to do ah?
Mom: How we know. Everything also you say
Aunt: No ah, why dont have pizzahut ady 1? I remember got de a.. Last time 2nd sis brought me here
Mom: *Keep quiet*
Aunt: No le, phone again and see
Me: I phone and put on loudspeaker, anigi talk to 2nd aunt a.. *make phone call* blablabla lor... So, here also quite obvious. We were only at Kajang, not Semenyih. So we turned out and headed up to Semenyih. And right before entering 2nd aunt's residential area, there WERE kfc and pizzahut.. We are right, and she's wrong. But she keep on blaming us. Then she blamed us this and that, and forgot to tell anigi to turn RHS to 2nd aunt's house. And she said we keep on talking to her until drove pass aunt's RHS..
Anigi pissed do I. I wanted to say "Did you realize that only you who was speaking all the while?" If I'm dare enuf, or more accurate, dare to shoot back/spoilt, I definitely will say out XD

Alaaa...skip a while naa.. Then evening went to dunno which area, had small hill climbing lo... A bit tiring tho... XD

7th June
Nothing special today,,just that anigi suddenly say wanna go home do stuffs..lolz. Then went back TI lor.... Took off at 5pm like that....slowly drive..and then reach home at 9pm like that...hmm....really slow nee? XD

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