Monday, 8 June 2009


These are my pics~
My notes~ Luckily I finished'em before genting trippu
The one and only pic taken during the genting trip XD
And marshmallow~ XD
Wah~ Best nyer... =w=
ps: Kids' mentality XD
And nephew~ His name is Ivan, looks like my cousin brother XD
"sobz..what are you gonna do to me...?"
"hmmm? what is it? what do you want?"
so cute XD
"whassup babeh..."
And this was where we had hill climbing
Some shots taken
hmmm.......wondering if i should continue posting XD too much of green XD
okkei, i post few more la.. XD
My michi~ XD
Seems fake XD
Anigi desu XD
And these taken at 2nd aunt's garden...
They said these are Australian fruits.. You cant find any of them in Malaysia..
ps:your house is in malaysia wat...
Finally done...

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