Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ayumi Baa-san no sutori~

Ohoho....this morning when reporting myself for prefect duty ady submit resign letter.. XD supposed i duty last day today. So morning when i wanna go duty, walked up to Senior Vasan and Head Prefect Navin.. And then before I say anything, Senior Vasan told me that I dont need to duty anymore.. XD aiyah, best also, nonit to duty ady. But miss my duty hour la >A<
Then recess also told that Senior Jee Kuan la..always muka berlagak 1..Lantak him lah, no junior ady..
Jaa, after recess got drama practise at library. One good news is..our competition will be on 2nd July..hahaz, no need to rush so much XD and then got reherse lor..they dress up completely, but without make up... and ZOMG, all the time I was like "Aiyerr~ Wifey's artificial is bigger than my assets XD". And Keropi was like "of course bigger than yours la". Then I took one marker pen and wrote on one whiteboard and *draw an innocent face* wrote "Wifey has artificial boobs *scream*" XD And other actors were like.. "ha...?" Then I cabut..and came back again, and noticed someone erased what i wrote, and left only the innocent face XD
And guess what, they call me bring make up kit for them tomorrow...Not to say I dont wanna lend la, but dei, this is not my competition. It's YOUR competition. Y'all collect munny and buy one set la, and keep for next year's drama.. These kids are taking things for granted >3
And then after school, went to have final 3rd lunch with Keropi at Alex tea House.. On my way, saw mama pulak ><>
So, I had Japanese fried rice and a cup of chinese tea XD Keropi had same meal but ordered dunno what choco =w= Eat half ady full..
So..brought phone to school la.. XD
And captured pictures with Ayumi*
Baka Ayumi..
screw myself for these..what am i doing? XD
Ayumi aka Oyaji baba.. XD
Lalala~ camwhore XD
Dunno drawing who.. XD
And the remainder hours after lunch until 4pm...addui...kesian lah....half way sms-ing mamoru also XD
Science 1 and Science 2 combine and had Pure Mathematics lessons, by Science1 teacher.. So good, release us at 3.15pm XD haha, yatta~
reach home straight away hunt for pictures at mamoru-nyan's blog >3
teehee....after saving some pictured, go edit a bit. and got let mama see them XD
*scroll down animangaki pictures* hohoho...syiok sendiri a while but then forgotten something.. *scroll until huggy pictures* >8 l *scream~!!*
aiyaya,mama saw ady XDD luckily she remained in neutral mood XD
Ayumi*= someone who wants me to be her yuri partner lolz..and ever said "weird weird" things to me before, such as "let's bath together".

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