Monday, June 29, 2009

One of The Final Days

Nyan, minna-san~ xD Back from animangaki already lah.. Tired lah,wei... Anyone out there who has my piccaz, gimmeh the linkz ya..thanks in advance~

Maa, now back to school punya cerita lah.. As I know, Rekha aka Rei-chan was also listed up in maktab thingy... And this morning, after prefect duty, saw her walking down the staircaese and she was like "dei, you still duty ga?". And I was like " nani nani?" Then she replied "Today I resign ady la", and then I was like "Oh..okay.. ._. ". was 7.30 am la..then later in class teacher, so we buat bising.. XD And exactly at 7.40am, which was 10 minutes after im back in class.. I said "I wanna go home~ >A<" Yappari..>_>" homesick disease attack again.. XD
ps:During animangaki tak buat bising pulak..

Saa, back to school stories again XD today almost no teacher enter class..lolz....buat bising lor.... Hmmm...thinking back, by now I should be typing resignation letter for the prefect stuffs la.. haha XD And had final fourth lunch with bestiez.. But Caroline aka Keropi MIA pulak.. XD Had French toast and Black Cow.. XD weird combinationz.. >_>" And oh ya...later after that, sakit perut..lolz.... 3pm something, called Keropi teman me go toilet la..kenot tahan until 4pm..lolz XD And after she's done, I called her to go back to class, she said "No, I wont abandon you..", then I " sweet~", then she continued "But you will abandon me ady.."
Haizz.... T^T
Mou..Friday after school will have final lunch with her desu, together with Charissa aka Sa-chan, and others..dunno who wanna tag along~
Sore tte wa, Wednesday is the drama competition ady XD Hope they can do well..haha

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