Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Melancholic feelings are here to conquer me again.. Anigi was chosen to study at UMS.. Universiti Malaysia Sabah.., chemical engineering... Will be leaving on Sunday, 9am flight, if I;m not mistaken. And thus I made a decision for myself.. I dont want to go to Animangaki on Sunday anymore..
Anigi might only come back after his educationz, which means 4years+ later?
Mmm....No one is gonna teach me do homework anymore.. No one quarrel with me *cries*
I would be so lonely then... I will be missing him deadly.. No one to accompany me at home aymore.. And if I go maktab, my mom will be alone..
I hate this world.. I hate everyone... And above all, I hate myself...
Heck..why am I expressing all these..

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