Wednesday, 17 June 2009


This morning first day duty~ for prefect stuffs..Duty at canteen XD Duty about 15mins then bell rang~ And got assembly ady, nonit duty...
And the assembly was for like..20mins like that..lolz XD time was much shorter compared to my former school....
However, after that got speech by a policeman... Dont know what that fella say la...Panjang lebar,dont want to listen....... Legs also cramp ady..then 8.30am like that, the policeman say have to end speech ady cz have to go court.. So we're like......yessssss!!!
But mana tau..., carried away by his speech.....haiyo....! But luckily it lasted until 8.50am...

After assembly, got meeting for prefects pulak...Divide tasks for during recess duty..lolx... And also discuss for prefect camp thingy.. Okkei~ So this is my recess duty location;

Monday: Motor parking lot
Tuesday: Bendera Bawah pintu B*
Wednesday: Bendera Atas pintu B*
Thursday: Meja 5, 6, 7*
Friday: School gate

* indicates I dont know where it is.. XD

And then after recess, go for drama practice..lolz..... Those juniors were much better than yesterday XD Must train them more naa~
Ganbatte minna-san~

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